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The Newsletter feature consists of several components:

  1. The { Register} token which places a Newsletter registration form in either a Template or a Page.
  2. In the Admin Control Panel, click on ">>", then click on "Newsletters".
  3. Here you can add, edit, delete, and send Newsletters.
  4. Newsletters function much the same as Web Pages.  First you must have a Template for your Newsletter, then you create the newsletter and assign your Newsletter Template as the template for your Newsletter.
  5. Once your Newsletter is complete, you can send it to your receipients by clicking on the Send icon from the Newsletter Grid view.
  6. Within the Send Newsletter to Members screen you can designate who the Newsletter is From, the Subject and the Recipients (Newsletter Query).  In this field you can input the recipient type such as "Member" or you can type an individual email address or you can type a keyword or phrase that may be found in the User's Notes field.  Please be aware that the field will match partial values.

Below is an example of the Newsletter Registration Form:

Email Address:


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